Mixers Restaurant and Lounge has been a staple in Sabattus for almost 30 years and, like many businesses are fighting to stay open through the pandemic. With the vaccine rolling out the light at the end of the tunnel is there. Mixers is trying to hang on long enough to get there.

Mixers had to adjust to the rules and regulations the COVID-19 brought which meant ceasing operation of the nightlife and event space side of things with live music and dancing and rely solely on being a restaurant and unfortunately, that is not sustainable.

In an effort to keep operations going until things return to normal they are asking for help and have set up a Go Fund Me with a goal of $15,000. At the time of posting this story, they have raised $2,600 towards their goal thanks to the generosity of 39 different donors.

Every little bit helps and in turn, once they're fully operational, they'll continue to give back to the community. Offering their space free of charge for fundraisers, charity benefits, and memorials. They are also eager to bring back staff and their favorite local musicians.

If you can help, even just a few dollars, a little can go a long way. You can find their Go Fund Me here.

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