When you think of popular '90s children's competition show Legends Of The Hidden Temple, are you like: The game part was fine, sure, but what I'm really jonesing for is more guesswork about what Mayan civilization was really like? No! this has literally never occurred to anyone, and yet, it's happening.

According to VarietyNickelodeon is taking the the studio-audience show, sapping it of its singular appeal and turning it into a live-action movie in which there are no Nerf prize packages at stake, no lively Nestle Quick ads punctuating segments. It's enough to make our barracudas even bluer.

The show, which aired from 1993 to 1995 and registered like a cross between Indiana Jones and American Gladiators, challenged teams of two to compete in mini-games until one pair stood above the rest. This twosome would then set out to complete the famed Temple Run, which challenged players to retrieve a coveted artifact from a labyrinth that was outfitted with mini-challenges, booby traps and hidden guards.

A giant face made out of stone named Olmec officiated the games.

Hey Arnold!, which was first rumored to return in November 2015, will also officially make a comeback as a two-part TV movie, Variety reports.

What are your thoughts on a Legends Of The Hidden Temple adaptation? Do you have a looming fear that masked warriors will apprehend you and drag you into a different room? Explain.

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