With Marijuana now legalized in the state of Maine, there are bound to be plenty of high-jinx to accompany the new legislation. As this story will tell you, those shenanigans are sometimes much more dangerous than eating all the microwavable food in the fridge.

WCSH 6 reports that a Lewiston man had the misfortune of accidentally sparking a fire with his Marijuana crops, which badly damaged his apartment building on Vale St. in Lewiston. This is the 3rd time in recent memory that pot has had a hand in fires in the area. The tenant was growing some for himself in a tent, most likely unaware that that's how humans, not plants, feel most at home in nature. Science is still divided on the effects of singing the plants campfire songs. Watch the report here:

While dangerous in practice, WCSH states that there was technically nothing illegal about the unnamed man's operation. While it is against the law to grow in multi-family homes, medical patients, which this man was, cannot be restricted in their growing activities.

If you're curious about what rights you have as a tenant if a neighbor is growing pot, watch WCSH's video below or the full set of details:

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