Lewiston Middle School's auditorium was forced to shut down after it was found to be contaminated with mold, reports the Sun Journal. The stage has been sealed off and the doors leading to the auditorium have been sealed off as well. There are now several air filters throughout the room as well as repairs and removal get underway.

Apparently there was a steam leak that was going on under the stage for a while and all the moisture led to a mold problem, however it is confined to just the stage area.

According to the article the auditorium was tested for air quality and the tests came back fine. The school is actually taking advantage of the closing and will repair some water damage to the ceiling while the auditorium remains closed, most likely for the rest of the school year, the paper reports.

Organizations that were scheduled to use the auditorium later this year have been notified of the closing, the Superintendent said.

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