Hands off the keys!

As reported by the Bangor Daily News, Maine State Police arrested Caleb Hupper just before 4:00am on Sunday, after his car had gone off Ridge Road near Livermore Falls. Upon searching the car, police found a whopping 3.5 grams of cocaine, and put Hupper in cuffs, arresting him for OUI and possession of scheduled drugs. Trooper Randy Hall, who made the arrest, set the cocaine down on the hood of his cruiser to inspect what he had found.

Rather than accept defeat, however, Hupper, once cuffed and put down on the hood of the police car himself, began chewing the cocaine while the officers continued to search his vehicle. After eating roughly half of the seized coke, Hupper attempted to flee the scene, but was quickly apprehended.

While this guy clearly wasn't thinking straight (we suspect is might be the cocaine), you have to give him points for tenacity. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to eat coke straight from the bag and tear off into the woods in the middle of the night. Where would he have gone? Does he know you can be a wolf of wall street without hanging out with actual wolves?

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