Just in time for Halloween is this lobster caught off the coast of Maine that has 'living nightmare' written all over it. Lobsters are already bizarre looking creatures but here's the recipe to make them go from bizarre to downright frightening...add another freaky creature growing out of the claw.

Shared to the Facebook group MAINE Wildlife by Josh O'Brien, a seemingly normal lobster catch off the coast of York Harbor, Maine turned out to be a once-in-a-lifetime snag  when this lobster was discovered. Don't stare too long, but there certainly seems to be some sort of alien-looking creature (WITH TEETH) protruding from the claw of the lobster. Feel free to add your own screaming sound effects for the added goosebumps.

O'Brien asked the Facebook group for some naming suggestions for the unique lobster and some of the answers were fantastic. They included Jean Claws Van Damme, The Thing, Chernobyl and just simply Alien. It's a strange catch for sure, but despite the deformity, it's a totally eatable lobster like the rest in the catch.

It did make us think though. the Alien movie poster once stated "in space, no one can hear you scream". Does the same thing apply underwater for lobsters?

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