Portland is set to lose another one of it's longtime restaurants in 2019. According to Portland Food Map, Walter's, a restaurant that has existed in Portland's Old Port for decades will shut down for good on May 31st.

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Walter's, known for it's contemporary feel and upscale cuisine, was beloved by many locals and repeat tourists to Portland. Originally located at 15 Exchange Street, Walter's moved to Two Portland Square in 2009 and have operated there for nearly a decade.

But owners Jeff and Cheryl Buerhaus have decided the time is now for them to close up show. Jeff is an Auburn, Maine native and after culinary school and an eight-year stint in Florida, decided to return to Maine to share his knowledge and passion for the flavors and styles of Asian, Mediterranean and Caribbean cooking. The Buerhaus family purchased Walter's and so the story goes, the restaurant was a smashing success.

So why close? The answer is simple. The Buerhaus' want to spend more time with family and are ready to move into a retirement phase in their lives.

The restaurant will operate with normal dinner hours until May 31st.


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