My friend Kate spends a lot of time on the road for her job at Cunningham Security. She shared with me the five kinds of drivers that drive her crazy.


Have you run into one of these?

Grandma Bessie

One snowflake and they drop their speed 20 miles per hour

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Drag Race Dude

There’s one car length, so immediately - STEP ON THE GAS!

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Tailgater Thomas

This idiot follows so close, you can't see their headlights!

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Surfer Chick/Dude

The one who jumps in between lanes to maybe get one car length ahead.

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This is an all purpose category. It's for those who don’t have their headlights on, don’t clean the snow off the car, go too fast and...pretty much everything that pisses you off.

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That's what usually happens to morons.

Is there a category that you noticed not listed? By all means, share!