Last week, Maine's Reddit unleashed a barrage of the best of the best when it come to dirty, inappropriate and offense license plates that can be spotted statewide. Some of them were crude, some were nerdy and some just brought a smile to our faces. But this particular one, shared on Reddit by obiiieeee, should be filed under the classic category.

Reddit via obiiieeee
Reddit via obiiieeee

Typically, we just share a photo of the license plate, but you need the entire back of the truck to really understand the story. Perhaps your mind went straight to dirty town (and you wouldn't be alone) but the truth is, the sticker in the back window and the license plate have a little deeper meaning.

The meaning is the ongoing battle between motor companies and who's motor is the best. Is it Powerstroke or is it Cummins? Clearly the person who drives this truck is a Cummins person. It almost feels like a letdown considering what the meaning could have been.

Either way, careful when this person is around, with that strong, powerful engine, they may just try to pull out right in front of you.

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