As I plan to leave my full time spot on the radio station next week, I've been looking back at some of the tunes and bands that busted out during my 11 year run at CYY. These are some of my favorites. Been a pretty interesting 11 years of CYY music that's for sure. 




didn't set the world on fire, but Rob and I always liked these English cats. They made great Brit Dance stuff. "Hard to Beat" is a cookin tune. "Cash Machine" is of course the money song though!




Killswitch Engage

still banging away at it and that's great. Not many heavy bands find ways to keep it together for as long as they have. When Jesse left, Howard (scene here) filled in so damn well. Never missed a beat. Now, Jesse is back and hopefully Howard is feeling 1000%. KSE, still in tact. I think Howard is one of the best true heavy singers in the world. His heavy stuff, is crushing. His crooning is solid. Almost reminds you of Mike Patton at times. All ace dudes. Jesse has kind of been re-born, again, again.



Against Me!

was around before my time at CYY, but their breakthrough time was around my time at CYY. The old schoolers always stick to the early days and that's cool. I own that stuff too and it's killer, but I think the other stuff is even better. I think they maintained the punk with full realness and became one of the best rock bands in the world. I was lucky enough to catch up with them a few times during my 11 years at CYY.

I had Laura Jane Grace on Spinout a couple years back and they even used part of our talk in a special produced about Laura's time as she made the change. You can check that out right here! (It starts about 4:57 and of course the subtitled spell the call letters wrong, but you know, why fact check AOL). Still, did you see that?!! How cool is that? Anyways, White Crosses is by far my favorite Against Me! record and I think this is one of my Top 10 favorite CYY songs in my 11 years at the station. Crazy video too. Not expensive to make.



I played "All the Same" by Sick Puppies a few times on Spinout before we eventually added it into rotation on CYY. The video of the "Free Hugs" campaign in Australia where the bands from, is the thing that started it all. Their music was used in this short and it exploded. Honestly, I'd never seen a "Free Hugs" sign until this video. Now, I've seen quite a few since.

First time the band came to town, I interviewed them and we had a blast. It was their first show ever in America I think. Their label rep who is one of the good guys in the industry gave me kudos on how great I was at interviewing. He said that to me a few times over the years and I always appreciated that. Honesty. Natural. Be real. Shim, Emma and Mark made it easy. Next time they came back, I believe we were on the patio and I hosted an acoustic session that included some pushy seagulls getting in on the act. Over the years they went from The Station, to Asylum, to State Theatre, etc. They came back and always stayed closed to us. That doesn't happen enough anymore. It should cause, well, that's called appreciation. That's respect. You guys came out for them time and time again. I was with them for other shows around New England when a band I used to manage Sidecar Radio played with them. They were always cool even out of Portland. Now adays, Shim has his own new thing and Mark and Emma are pushing Sick Puppies on. Regardless, we all have great memories to keep as a radio station helping a band to rise to success.


Not much to say about this one except, it's a solid rock song all around. Stupid awesome drum fill going into the last chorus.  It's super Foo Fighter-ish this song. This whole record by Yellowcard is solid really.



I'm a bit picky about the "rock" rock I like. Sound and songs always hold high in regard for me. I like both here. I never got tired of this tune. Band has stayed loyal to Maine too, playing here a bunch over the years; Asylum, Oxfest, etc. No biggie here. Just solid tune.



I'm also touchy about the hipster-ish tunes and bands I get into. These guys are actually a lot better than being shoved into that class. They make great records and write terrific songs. Unique stuff. Interesting every time. I'm still not wearing tight jeans though.


I still think the Hives are one of the best rock bands in the world. No BS rock n' roll. ROCK N ROLL. Live? Forget about it. They are everything rock n' roll bands should be. Tunes, unforgettable rippers like this one.



Played these guys a ton on Spinout over the years. We eventually added this song into rotation, rightfully so, it kicks ass. Unfortunately they're all doing their own thing now which sucks cause they should be one of rock's torch carriers. Oh well, we always have the old records and 45's.




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