Over the last several years, craft beer has become part of the fabric of Maine. Incredible breweries populate the state from corner to corner, and that includes Lone Pine Brewing which operates in Portland. They've been supplying some of Maine's most popular beers for awhile now, including their Portland Pale Ale and their double IPA called Oh-J. But the thing about Maine breweries is that they like to keep challenging themselves and pushing the boundaries. So Lone Pine decided to take one of their most popular beers and turn it into a craft seltzer just in time for spring.

Shared on Facebook by Lone Pine Brewing Company, they've introduced their Oh-J craft seltzer over the weekend and just by the comments, people were psyched. While it shares a name with a Lone Pine favorite, it has a distinct flavor of its own. It'll have the aromas of your favorite citrus or orange soda and a flavor profile of tangerine and tangy tropical fruits. Wine lovers will dig that this seltzer has a dryness to it like a good, crisp glass of prosecco. And it won't be the last craft seltzer Lone Pine rolls out this winter/spring, as they plan to follow Oh-J with additional seltzer options in the near future.

But if you're sitting there a beer lover wondering why seltzer drinkers get to have all the flavorful fun, Lone Pine didn't forget about either. While introducing Oh-J seltzer, they also introduced a new stout called Cinnamon Toastie. Flavors of vanilla, molasses and cinnamon will attempt to remind you of a famous breakfast cereal in a delicious beer form.

So whether you're holding onto winter a little longer or you're ready to taste spring right now, there's a little bit of something for everyone right now. Bring on the party.

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