There are many reasons why Maine is called Vacationland. One of those reasons is that summertime tourists flock to the state to catch a glimpse of its vast coastline and terrific beaches.

From entire towns that cater to beachgoers to small communities with hidden gems, Maine is home to some incredible beaches to wind down and relax, which is why the Maine city named as "one of the best beach towns in America" is so confusing: because it barely has any beaches at all.

Lakefront homes in Portland on a beautiful moody sky

Portland has a lot of things going for it. It has a world-class culinary scene that has gained global attention. The city is known as a beer lover's paradise, with multiple parts of the city filled with excellent craft breweries. It also has multiple walkable neighborhoods filled with shops and museums. But beaches? Well, those are a bit more difficult to find in Portland.

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In fact, the city is home to only one beach, East End Beach. Comparatively-speaking, East End Beach isn't much next to what Old Orchard Beach, Bar Harbor, Ogunquit, or York have to offer. There's another half dozen towns in Maine that could probably write an essay on why their beach is the state's best.

The argument for Portland being named one of the best beach towns in America is actually its proximity to surrounding beaches. Crescent Beach State Park is a 15-minute drive away, while Scarborough beach and Old Orchard Beach aren't much further. There's also a handful of other cozy (and popular) beaches in between, if you know where to look. Portland tops the list for many things in Maine, but best beach towns? Probably not.

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