Maine is not short of fine academic institutions.

The state is the proud home to fine private and public universities that have helped mold young minds for centuries. These schools can be found from one end of the state to the next, specializing in all sorts of fields like liberal arts, law, engineering, the environment, maritime employment, education, and a plethora of others.

While many of these schools make it a point to promote their respected schools, others have a much different approach, like making it extremely difficult to get accepted.

This is where 24/7 Wall Street comes in. The financial site decided to make a list of every state's most difficult college to get into. The website analyzed testing data from the National Center for Educational Statistics to determine each state's toughest school acceptance rate.

The site's top choice for Maine is considered not just one of the best colleges in Maine, but the entire country. It's also known as one of the Little Ivies, and found right in the heart of Central Maine. That school is Colby College.

Colby College via Facebook
Colby College via Facebook

Located in Waterville, Colby College has been a wonderful institution for higher learning since before Maine became a state. Founded in 1813, Colby is the second oldest university in Maine, only behind Bowdoin College (founded in 1794).

Colby is also known for being Maine's toughest school to get into. According to Wall Street 24/7, Colby has an acceptance rate of just 10.4%. Considering the University of Maine has an acceptance rate or 94%, I would say Colby's is rather low.

Colby College via Facebook
Colby College via Facebook

The school also has a strikingly high SAT median score of 1450 out of 1600. According to the College Board, only 5% of those who take it get over 1400. Count me as part of that 95%.

While it may be a difficult school to get in to, it will be worth it. You can certainly get an exceptional education, as well as access to some significant networking opportunities. Plus, you get to join quite an alumni base that includes Olympians, Pulitzer Prize winners, corporate CEOs, members of congress, and governors, including Maine's current leader, Janet Mills.

Best of luck filling out all those applications, especially if you are trying to get into Colby.

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