Hyperlight, a company based out of Biddeford, Maine, that specializes in mountain gear, backpacks, etc., is now at least temporarily making face masks.

The company stated on its website that the "current threat to everyone's health calls for all hands on deck."

They added that they know it's the right thing to do to switch to helping make face masks.

Check out what they had to say here:

"We've always been big fans of being active and healthy, and we've always used our manufacturing equipment and expertise to build gear that helps make active and healthy pursuits better.

While the development of face masks wasn't on our product map two weeks ago, the current threat to everyone's health calls for all hands on deck. We have the means to pitch in, and it's the right thing to do. It's the thing we want to do."

After reading that, you must be thinking, why aren't they using these to work in hospitals? Well, they have an answer for that as well.

"Masks are meant to protect those around you from you, keeping the byproduct of your sneezes and coughs to yourself. The interlock micro-polyester we're using has the tightest available weave to help achieve this simple goal. Our Face Mask is not a surgical mask or medical respirator."

Let me make clear to you that this is NOT an endorsement, but I think its pretty dope that a company right in our backyard is redesigning their business model to help fight the spread of this virus. 

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