We Mainers sure do love our local craft beers. And with good reason! They're local, they're delicious and they're produced by our neighbors. It seems that everyone in Maine knows someone who is brewing their own beer or works for one of our may local breweries.

In fact, a new report from the University of Maine shows Maine craft brews added $260,000,000 to the Maine economy in 2017. Two hundred and sixty million dollars! That's from a recent report on craftbrewingbusiness.com.

Artisanal Beer Brewers Find Growing Niche In Berlin
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Today Maine is home to more than 130 local breweries which is amazing if you think about just 12 years ago Maine had about 14 craft breweries. Between 2015 and 2018 the number of breweries in our state more than doubled in the time that I like to call the Maine beer boom.

Every county in the State has at least one brewery now with Cumberland County checking in at 47. All these breweries means jobs for Mainers. Local craft breweries employ 1,910 people across the state and pay over $54 million in wages.

Tomorrow you'll be able to try some of those local brews at Portland On Tap happening at the Cross Insurance Arena. Choose your session, either 12-4 or 5-9, get your tickets and enjoy hundreds of craft beers from Maine and other places.

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