Maine's oldest and longest-running corn maze is also one of the best in the country!


Treworgy Family Orchards is pretty darn good at this corn maze stuff. In fact, they were close to being number one in the entire country. Just missed it. The USAToday Reader's Choice this year picked Levant's own Treworgy as second best in the entire country!

This year's design is Charlotte's Web! It's a complicated design (as they all are) and if you make it to the middle, you get to sign the Hall of Fame Board. It all started back in 2001 with a design of a giant piece of popcorn. Every year they seem to outdo the last!

Treworgy Family Orchards Facebook
Treworgy Family Orchards Facebook


Treworgy Family Orchards in Levant is known for its over the top corn mazes. They include a map with riddles to solve as you hit these stations inside the maze. When you finally figure out the maze, bring your ticket to the cafe, and get a free kiddie vanilla, chocolate, or twist soft-serve ice cream cone! How adorable is that?

When I see a maze as complicated and perfect made of CORN, I always wonder - how'd they do that? Well, according to Treworgy, they start with an idea for a design, and the whole family is involved. Then, they have to plant corn! They carve out paths, make the maps, and set up the 'stations' with riddles. It's crazy that about 60,000 corn plants make up each 4-acre maze, and most of the stalks grow up to 10 feet tall. That makes the maze way harder.

You want to go now, don't you? Lucky you, they are open until the end of October!

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