When most people think about Maine, they think about L.L. Bean, mountains, flannel, and lobsters. However, there is so much more the state of Maine has to offer and has offered in the past.

There are many things that make Maine a unique state, like having the world's largest telephone, the cryptozoology museum, a giant chocolate moose, and the world's largest rotating globe.

People have invented things all over the world, and folks in the state of Maine are no exception. Maine is the home of many inventions, and also distributes various inventory around the world.

Honestly, I did not know everything that was invented in Maine or even everything that Maine distributes. I've come to learn that some of the things invented in Maine are things I use in my everyday life.

Have you ever gotten cold in the winter? Well, those earmuffs that you put on over your ears were actually invented in Maine. Think about that next time you step out on a cold winter day.

Every time you reheat food in the microwave, guess what? You can thank a Mainer. Think about that the next time you go to heat up a microwavable dinner.

If you're planning on taking your microwavable dinner to the couch to watch some TV (or anytime you want to watch TV), well, you can thank another Mainer.

Maine is home to some amazing inventions, and thankfully the state of Maine has shared its inventions and inventory with the rest of the world.

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