Apparently, there are trees out there that have a little junk in the trunk.

OK, it's not just Maine, it's everywhere it seems, and thank you to my co-worker Karen for sending me this photo that her friend took the other day.

If you happen to be driving around Bar Harbor and you saw this tree, what would be your first thought?

I can tell the neighborhood kids had fun with it, as you can see by the sign that says, "Big Bertha Spruce the Butt Tree."

After I was staring at the tree for a few moments, I tried to ascertain if it was a camera trick, while simultaneously trying to fight off thoughts of being attracted to a large wooden plant. I began to Google trees with butts to see if there were more, and boy was, I was shocked.

It appears that there are websites dedicated to trees with butts, Gallery's even centerfolds were dedicated to them. Even more trees with butts all over the country, big trees, little trees, medium trees, trees at the plant store at Home Depot even Groot is not immune.

Check out this other Maine tree that's sporting it's own booty right here.


I couldn't find any reason why this phenomenon is happening because mathematically, it should be impossible. Still, it appears not to be if anyone has any reason or is good with trees or plants and can answer this question for me that would be great until next time, please enjoy this Gallery of trees with butts the tree in Bar Harbor is also included in said Gallery.


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