Things have been rough for everyone in this last month. People are out of work. Businesses are shutting down. We miss our friends and family. And then as the cherry on top many across the state found themselves without power.

One group, in particular, has had a devastating blow. The class of 2020.

Imagine being a teen again. One day everything is normal and the next, your school is shut down. At first, you think it's for a couple of weeks, and now it's looking like that return ship has sailed.

Spring sports are canceled, prom, and even a proper graduation ceremony.

Ellsworth High School recently posted a video to Facebook featuring their seniors and a message any senior (and their parents) can appreciate and relate to.

The core message is yes, this new reality is not ideal, but no one and no pandemic can take away the memories and achievements you've made along the way.

There is a bright future ahead for sure. We're proud of you, Class of 2020!

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