The great state of Maine is officially over 200 years old. Its rich history can be seen and celebrated extensively . Whether it's the flag, motto or other symbols, Maine has a very proud tradition.

However, do all of those traditions really hold up? Do other norms deserve to get more representation?  Does anyone really like that our state flower is a pine cone?

Simply put, does Maine need a rebranding?

It sounds drastic, but we are talking about 200+ years of very little change. Outside of the flag, Maine's brand has remained the same since 1820.

Many legacy companies go through this very important question: when is it time to truly restructure the brand? Some companies tend to do it more than others. However, 200 years feel a little on the overdue sign for Maine.

I took it upon myself to rebrand Maine. I have designed new insignia and repopulated many of our official symbols. This new brand mixes our heritage with some of Maine's more relevant entities.

You're probably wondering two questions: why change in the first place? And who died and made you king?

Firstly, change isn't a bad thing. I embrace change as much as I possibly can. We are here a very short period of time, and I am all about people leaving their mark. Plus, does anyone actually think it's cool that Maine's state bird is a chickadee? So boring.

As for the second question, I am simply making recommendations. This is by no means official unless you all want it to be, then I will totally start a campaign. I do absolutely love the new flag.

I hope some of these new designs at least start a conversation about updating Maine as a brand moving forward. 200+ years has been a great run. However, a little lipstick might help the next 200 years brighten up a bit.

Maine's Symbols and Insignia Reimagined

Maine is now over 200 years old. Like many other legacy brands, Maine could use some updating.

Here is a reimagining of this great state's brand, and ultimately the direction Maine should go in.

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