The numbers are staggering as Maine has more anxiety than any other state in the country. Maine is also home to the most anxious city in the country as well. 

Feeling stressed out is nothing new for a lot of people. The daily grind of work or school, child care or social responsibilities, bills and more bills, it's easy to become overwhelmed and feel anxiety. But as true as that statement is, it may come as a big surprise to some Mainers, that our little state in the Northeast is the most anxious in the entire A LOT.

According to the Boston Globe, Maine has anxiety levels 21% above the national average. And that Presque Isle, the unofficial capital of Northern Maine, is the most anxiety-riddled city in the COUNTRY. The study results came from following online searches on popular engines like Google, amongst other factors.

High anxiety locations often come about due to a collection of low income, low education population. Maine follows that belief, with an average household income far below the national average and a population where only about 1 in 5 residents possess a bachelor's degree. The opioid crisis that has recently hit Maine very hard is also a contributing factor to its ranking.

But for some, the findings will be hard to believe. Maine has always been considered a state where you come to relax, not pull your hair out from stress. As the Boston Globe article details, some locals surmise the uptick in anxiety may have to do with job loss, the increasing exodus of younger people from the state and naturally, the struggle of winter each and every year.

So what do you think? Is Maine truly the most anxious state in the country? Rush to Google and find out...

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