Safety is important to anyone and everyone when thinking about where they're going to live and put down roots. In the state of Maine, the concerns over dangerous criminals and violent crimes is relatively modest compared to other states across the country. It's for good reason, too.

According to SafeWise, Maine has the lowest violent crime rate in the entire nation overall, with a handful of cities that continue to battle the problem. The definition of violent crime includes murder, assault, aggravated assault, and other crimes of that nature. But that is only part of the story.

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The other key element when it comes to safety in towns and cities is property theft. What places in Maine boast high rates of trespass, burglary, car theft, and other crimes pertaining to property? If you're worried about those types of crimes, Maine's reported property crime rate is around 13%, which is six points lower than the national average.

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Maine as a whole is one of the safest states to live in the entire United States. But it does have cities that continue to battle against crime. According to Road Snacks, none of Maine's largest cities rank amongst the top 200 in the nation in crime rate, but some of the same cities in Maine consistently rank higher than others in property and violent crime.

Money Inc. recently released a compiled look at data that took crime statistics and paired them with other factors like lack of strong employment opportunities, rehabilitation programs and facilities, as well as staggered or lower wages than some of Maine's safest cities. The result? Here are Maine's 11 most dangerous cities to live in right now.

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