When bad stuff happens to us, there is usually one of two reaction paths we take.

The first path is the easiest one to fall into, and that's the negative reaction where we -- not to sound heartless -- wallow in our own self-pity, ask the proverbial question, "Why me?" and just become a shell of the person we used to be.

The second path is the tougher path, but it's the more resilient path -- it's the one where we accept whatever has happened to us and try to figure out how to adapt.

Then there's a rare third path which very, very few take or are strong enough to stay on -- and that's the path where we not only accept what's happened, adapt to it, but also use it to inspire others which allows us to truly thrive.

And the third path is undoubtedly the one that Maine's own retired Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills has taken and even truly made his own.

SSG Travis Mills via Facebook
SSG Travis Mills via Facebook

Travis Mills' Story

If you're not familiar with Travis' story -- first off, where have you been? -- but also, according to the official Travis Mills website, back in April 2012, Travis was on his third tour of duty in Afghanistan as a member of the 82nd Airborne when he was critically injured by an IED which resulted in him losing portions of both of his arms and both of his legs.

But that's where Travis proved he's just built different. First off, not only did he survive, but he's also now thriving as a motivational speaker, actor, author, and most importantly, an advocate for his fellow veterans and amputees.

ssgtravismills via Instagram
ssgtravismills via Instagram

Not to mention his sense of humor is absolute fire, which is where his video about increasing gas prices comes into play.

In a recent video he posted to his Instagram last week, Travis enlisted the help of his daughter Chloe and his son Dax to take a funny swipe at how expensive gas is getting once again -- so expensive that, according to the video, literally cost Travis an arm and a leg...

Amazing sense of humor and spirit, especially with what Travis actually captioned the video with.

I hope prices don’t go any higher I can only afford one more fill-up…

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