While other malls have struggled to stay afloat, the Maine Mall in South Portland keeps doing one thing better than most: filling vacancies.

If you've walked through the mall in recent years, you know that many of the storefronts have changed, and the offerings are different. But you'd also notice that there are very few empty spaces.

Google Maps
Google Maps

One of those empty spaces that has been difficult to fill was left behind by David's Bridal. The massive chain ran into financial problems last year, and through bankruptcy proceedings, was forced to shudder locations across the country. That included their very prevalent location next to Best Buy at the Maine Mall.

That vacancy will now be filled, at least temporarily. And it will make all the geeks and nerds in the area very happy. PortCon took to Facebook to announce that the former David's Bridal space will become a de facto geek flea market during PortCon 2024.

The space will be turned into an emporium this June filled with hidden treasures, knickknacks, photography, and more. There will be epic games battles and a chance to meet and greet with some of the authors and artists that make PortCon a destination.

There's one other unique element of this expanded space. The PortCon flea market and gathering area will be free to enter. No tickets or admission fee are necessary.

Google Maps
Google Maps

It will open in conjunction with the PortCon festival, happening from June 27 to June 30. Exhibits and presentations will take place at the Doubletree Hotel across from the Maine Mall. A games arena will be set up next to Round 1. Admission and programming details can be found here.

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