There's this thing about Mainers, we often hold on to our possessions for way too long. But in the case of a man from Massachusetts who has a home in Maine and a liking for cars, finding two super-rare sports cars from the 70s that have been sitting in a Maine garage for years is about to make him hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Courtesy of amistadi via eBay

According to Jalopnik, the Massachusetts man has listed both of his Plymouth Superbirds on eBay in separate auctions. The cars are expected to fetch a significant haul, as just under 2,000 Superbirds were ever produced. Each car is roughly valued at $250,000, and as the auction has gone on, bids are approaching that approximate value.

Courtesy of amistadi via eBay

The Superbirds had previously been sitting in a garage that an Augusta man had owned for more than 35 years. He housed them, as show cars for the most part, after he purchased them from their original owners in the late 70s. Those original owners both bought the cars brand new from Blouin Chrysler Plymouth Dodge in 1970.

At the time, nobody could have predicted that the cars would increase in value so significantly.

Talk about your hidden gems. If everything goes the sellers way, by next weekend they could be down two prized possessions and up nearly a half million dollars. That's one way to win the lottery.