A New Gloucester, Maine man says people should "mind their own business" in the continued flying of the Confederate Flag outside of his business.

The flag, which has recently been the center of controversy, currently flies outside of Will & Lainey's Greenhouse on Route 100. Some view it as a sign of southern pride, while others view it as one of slavery.

Social media opposition is not going to influence owner Charles Verrill. He told WMTW the flag is up in support of "freedom of speech" and that "I have family down south. they fly the flag, and I told them I would fly it for them." He also commented on detractors. "I wish some people would mind their own business, because they don't have the full understanding what them flags mean." "Someone said on Facebook they'd burn it down, they better not do that while I'm here." He also stated if they couldn't see him in person, they "shouldn't put it on Facebook, it's childish."

Verrill says the flag stays. What do you think?



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