There's not much debate that Maine has seen its popularity amongst tourists boom in just the past few years. A lot of that interest has been fueled by Maine's burgeoning food and beverage scene that had led to global headlines about the food and beer being prepared and produced here. And now that interest may have reached its peak level, as Maine has been named amongst the top 5 destinations in the WORLD that people must visit in 2020 by Lonely Planet.

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Maine being #4 on the list is a rather big deal. In front of Vacationland on the list is the Central Asian Silk Road, the beautiful and historic city of Le Marche in Italy, and the picturesque Tohoku, Japan that will be a hop and skip away from the 2020 Summer Olympics. Then there's Maine on the list, as the only representative for the United States amongst the top 10. So what gives?


Simple. Maine is set to celebrate its bicentennial in 2020. Cities and towns across the state will be holding parades and summer-long celebrations marking the anniversary of statehood. Combine that with food and beverage scene mentioned above and Maine's tourism-friendly beaches and coastline views and 2020 suddenly is looking like the year for Vacationland.

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From corner to corner in 2020 there will be festivals, concerts and celebrations Vacationland. Maine will *almost* be sitting on top of the world. Hope you're ready.