If you got excited about the possibility of changes or actual elimination of Maine's car inspection process - stuff that excitement.

According to the Portland Press Herald, the Legislature’s Transportation Committee has voted against a bunch of bills that would have changed or gotten rid of Maine’s motor vehicle safety inspection program.

Oakland Maine Police Department
Oakland Maine Police Department

So that sticker on your windshield is staying. This isn't the first (or probably last) time that bills have been introduced to change the inspection program. And it's not the first (or probably last) time they've been rejected.

Maine is one of 16 states that has safety inspections.

One major reason we will probably never see this program go away is that it brings in the money. It's about $3.5 million every year for the state’s highway fund, according to the Press Herald. So why would you want to get rid of it? Because those against it say there's no real evidence this program makes our highways safer, and it gives seedy mechanics the chance to charge you for repairs you really don't need.

But supporters, including the Maine State Police, say it does save lives because it makes you fix things wrong with your car.

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