When you find yourself in a sticky situation with no one to call, it's nice to know that the Maine State Police have your back.

That's what happened to Angela Levesque, who was picking up her three kids from a vacation with their grandmother only to have her tire blow out on the highway, according to News Center Maine.

The tow truck could handle her car, but there wasn't enough room for her family to hitch a ride - and the closest roadside service was 2 hours away. With no one else to call, and stranded 100 miles from home, Angela had run out of options.

That's when she decided to call Maine State Police to ask for help, reports News Center Maine.

A mere 20 minutes later, the trooper rolled up in rescue mode to give Angela and her kids a ride back to civilization, the news station reported. Two of her kids hopped in the cruiser while she and her third caught a ride with the tow truck. Angela took to social media to spread the word about the act of kindness.

"Please don’t take our state troopers for granted. They are here to help us when we need it most," Levesque wrote on Facebook. "Thank you, not for only help(ing) myself and my kids, but for your services and things you have to deal with on a daily basis."

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