Business Insider just released results of an annual study that lists all 50 states from the mostly healthy to the least healthy and Maine had some interesting results. On one hand, Maine is relatively healthy as compared to other states across the country. But in the New England region, Maine ranks dead last.


The study was done by the United Health Foundation as uses several criteria for ranking states on their health. That criteria includes everything from obesity rates to the amount of smokers in each state. Additional factors include child poverty rates, air pollution, diabetes cases and the amount of cancer deaths in each state. After all the data is compiled, each state is ranked.

Maine ranked 17th amongst the 50 states in health. If you're looking for a bright side, Maine actually rose 6 spots from last year's rankings. But every other state in New England ranks higher. Massachusetts is ranked #2, Vermont at #4, New Hampshire at #6 and Rhode Island at #14.

Another silver lining for Maine. In 2018, Maine had the least amount of violent crime in the entire country. Maine also saw its number of mental health providers increase. If Maine continues down that path, they're likely to continue rising in the rankings.

The United Health Foundation has been ranking states on health since 1990.

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