Thrillist took the time to rank every single state in the country based on how miserable their winters are. It's no surprise that Hawaii is at the bottom of the list, but where did Maine fall?

In compiling their list, Thrillist took into account weather patterns, average temperatures, and how well each state's road crews clear highways. They even went so far as to interview locals about how they felt about the winter season.

As Mainers, we know how to do winter but how miserable is it for us? According to Thrillist's ranking system, Maine has the fifth most miserable winters in the country. Who could possibly beat us? Here are the top five.

5. Maine
4. North Dakota
3. Alaska
2. Michigan
1. Minnesota

Why didn't we rank higher? Thrillist explains.

...they (Maine) tend to be much more upbeat than say, us Bostonians, who always like to pretend that we’re getting it the worst and thus are the strongest. And that attitude (and the general lack of people in the real harsh stuff) prevents Maine and its Longest Winters from pushing even farther down the line.

Well there's some truth to that. We did beat all the other New England states for most miserable winter. Here's how they shook out.

22. Vermont
21. Rhode Island
19. Connecticut
15. New Hampshire
10. Massachusetts
5. Maine


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