Maine Restaurants

One of my favorite things to do on a random weekend is take a trip in-state to a new establishment to eat. What makes it even better is that I'm typically enjoying these experiences with my wife, who has a similar culinary love.

It's fun, adventurous, and always satisfies the pallet. Plus, it can be quite romantic, depending on the establishment.

While traveling this state, we have found amazing diners, great pubs, outstanding sandwich shops, and delicious coffee. Maine is not lacking for great places to enjoy a fine meal.

Maine's Restaurant Scene

We spend massive amounts of time discussing and dissecting every little aspect about the Maine restaurant scene. Whether it's Portland, the surrounding area, Bar Harbor, the Midcoast, the Western Foothills, or the Southern Coast, this state is an absolute gold mine.

With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to take a look at places that Mainers absolutely love, especially the places they like to go to with significant others. 'Tis the season for love, right?

Maine's Romantic Restaurants

So, we put out the call for the joints Mainers say are the most romantic. The restaurants that help shape a community, are perfect for a date night, and keep our stomachs full.

Now, thanks to our stations' social media, we can put some names to those establishments.

Below is a list of many of those restaurants that were suggested to us. They vary in size, concept, and location. Some have opened recently, while others have been community staples for years. However, they are all true Maine originals.

You can see the entire list below. Hope you're hungry. I am.

25 Maine Joints to Enjoy a Romantic Meal

Thanks to our great listeners, we compiled a list of many of Maine's best eateries to enjoy a romantic meal.

These great spots can be found across the state, waiting for you to try them.

How many of these have you visited?

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