We all fall on hard times. Especially this time of year post-Christmas expenses, keeping up with large oil bills, and for parents, keeping up with the ever-growing kids. Parents often sacrificing their own needs for the needs of their kids.

Shoes are one thing we can take for granted even though they are so important. The right shoe can help you look polished for that job interview, the right boots can keep you or your kids warm this time of year, and the correct fitting sneaker for little Billy can keep him comfy and active in school. Unfortunately, these things aren't cheap.

Colburn Shoe Store in Belfast is stepping up and doing what they can to help those in need with the introduction of the "Pay What You Can" rack.

The rack will feature various shoes of various sizes and styles for men, women, and children. Pay whatever you can, be it $5 or $50. There is a discreet deposit box on the shelf to leave your money. All they ask is that you let them know you took a pair on your way out.

Colburn Shoe Store claims to be the oldest shoe store in America and it looks like they're the most generous shoe store in America too.

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