Maine's hiking game is on point.

The state is loaded with trails that offer a variety of skill levels and styles. Cliff walks, mountain strolls, walks in the woods, rail trails, and more provide what outdoors enthusiasts truly love: a way to get closer to Maine's nature.

One of the best reference guides for hikers is a site called Hiker's Daily. It's essentially an online atlas and review guide for the wonderful world of hiking and climbing. The site published an article with what they believe are the 10 best states for hiking. And guess what? Maine made the rankings.

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How could it not? Maine is essentially one big trail. The reference site All Trails has over 1000 curated trails listed, and you know there's many more paths and walks that probably aren't listed.

The state also has famous hikes like Mount Katahdin, basically everything in Acadia National Park, the Appalachian Trail (including the 100 miles of Wilderness), Marginal Way (not the street in Portland), the Eastern Trail, and the Portland Trails Network, just to name a few.

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Maine is also lucky to have a wealth of options at all skill levels, including some downright challenging hikes that will even test the experts.

But don't just take my word for it. Here is a little from Hiker's Daily on why the site chose Maine as one of the best states for hiking.

Maine packs a punch with its beautiful and rocky coastlines and trails. It also marks the end of the famous Appalachian Trail. Notable hiking destinations include Acadia National Park, Four Ponds Public Reserved Land, and Pleasant Mountain Preserve

Maine's trail diversity has to be one of the best features, and I'm glad Hiker's Daily mentions it. It just shows you how truly lucky we are that this is our backyard.

Amazingly, Maine is the lone East Coast representative on this list. The other nine states are all west of the Mississippi River. That's quite a statement our little state is making. You can check out the top 10 here.

Happy hiking!

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