On Sunday December 16th, a local community gathered at the Harvell Bishop Arnold Trail Post 7865 in Madison with the help of Eula Barrows De Rocle, Mike De Rocle, and Senator Elect Brad Farrin to honor World War II veteran Sargent First Class Joseph De Rocle of the 43rd Infantry Division from 1944 to 1950.

Eula Barrows De Rocle
Eula Barrows De Rocle

Farrin began his presentation with stating SFC Joe De Rocle's two Honorable Discharges, one from the Department of the Army on February 12, 1947 and another from the Army of the United States on March 1, 1950.

After joking that he was just affirming SFC De Rocle's Honorable Discharges, Farrin presented first, the Certificate of Appreciation from the Citizens of Maine in recognition of SFC De Rocle's "honorable service in WWII in the Armed Forces of our Country." SFC De Rocle showed surprise on his face when Farrin shared the certificate was signed by Gov. Paul LePage and Adjutant General Douglas Farnham.

Farrin then presented SFC De Rocle with the following awards:

  • Occupation Medal for Japan
  • Good Conduct Medal
  • Pacific Campaign Medal
  • Philippine Liberation Ribbon
  • Army of Occupation Medal for WWII
  • Victory Medal for WWII
  • A Coin from the Maine Bureau of Veterans Services
  • Lastly a personal Coin from Farrin as a retired State Command Chief for the Maine Air National Guard


Eula Barrows De Rocle
Eula Barrows De Rocle

The ceremony closed with the exchange of salutes between three local veterans and SFC De Rocle.

Thank you for your service SFC Joseph De Rocle!

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