It's no question that we owe A LOT to healthcare workers right now. They are on the frontlines vetting, testing, and treating those faced with COVID-19.

They are putting themselves at risk with a few handfuls making up a portion of our confirmed cases here in Maine.

One hospital that has been an inspiration to other hospitals on how to show gratitude to their employees is MaineGeneral based in Augusta.

Shortly after schools closed their doors, MaineGeneral offered their employees with kids childcare options which no doubt lightened the burden of choosing between working full-time and caring for their kids full-time.

They've been stepping up in many ways over the last few weeks and today they transformed the hospital cafeteria into a mini-grocery store for their employees.

It may seem small but imagine how wonderful it is for the employees. They don't necessarily have to go out for that gallon of milk tonight after a long shift. They don't have to fight off crowds hoping to get a roll of toilet paper. Their employer has not only offered them access to these necessities, but given them peace of mind which is truly priceless.

Check out the mini-store below posted by Kelly Liberty on Facebook:

Have any other hospitals done something similar? Or maybe your employer in a different field? Let us know via the app!

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