According to News Center Maine, those folks from out of state are causing us more grief than driving up and exposing us to the Coronavirus, now they're driving up the cost of our homes too.

For so many years much of the world has been under the impression that Maine is highly uninhabitable; with brutal winters, no culture and no running water. Well the gig is up, we've been discovered. Realtors are breaking out their gloves, disposable booties and masks to show houses, and in many cases they are showing the homes via Zoom or Facetime.

These buyers are enchanted not just by our natural beauty, but also our low infection numbers, smaller population and their ability to work remotely with an ocean view. News Center Maine goes on to report that buyers are coming from New York, Massachusetts and other states and throwing down cash deals without seeing properties in person. The $250,00-$450,000 price range is what they are most interested in and they are gobbling up luxury homes.

When we had our home on the market two years ago there was a realtor Facetiming with a client in Florida to show our house. I thought that was so extra, I hadn't seen it done before. It's the new style, and just in time for those living under lock down that are trying to find a safe place for their families. I really can not blame them. They are right. This is a beautiful, safer place to live and I had the good luck of having been born here.


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