The Maine Brew Bus offers tours of breweries, distileries and wineries in Southern Maine. Not only do you get to peek behind the curtain of the craft alcohol scene, but the hosts are entertaining; providing trivia, some cool Maine history, a sober driver, a local snack or meal, and of course, delish beverages.

Like many other businesses, COVID-19 has caused the Brew Bus to pivot and deliver their experience a different way.

Through Instagram Live you can enjoy a cold beer from your fridge while going on a virtual brewery tour with the Brew Bus. Tours are daily at 3p.m., 4p.m. and 5p.m. and are hosted live by the brewery owners.

Find out how local brewers are being affected by COVID-19 and how they've adapted to get their beer to thirsty fans. Drink a beer from the featured brewery if you can, or from another local spot and ask brewers questions.

It's social distancing at its best. I can almost smell the hops.

Maybe self-isolating has kicked up your desire to home brew, here's an opportunity to get great advice from local experts.

The Maine Brew Bus has been driving us to drink since 2012. Our crew at Townsquaremedia Portland went on an outing with them a couple years ago and we had a blast. I bought so much local beer and mead that day and I was excited to share it with friends over the following weeks.

I felt like a dragon sharing my treasure. I dropped off a four pack of local beer on a friend's doorstep last week because nothing says, "I love you" more than sharing your "good" beer stash.

We'll be back in the breweries eventually, but until then, support our local scene by buying gift cards and shwag from them online. The struggle is real for all of these local businesses, so do your Christmas shopping now for the beer drinkers in your life.

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