A Portland baking staple has recently received some very deserved national attention.

The fine folks over at LoveFood are at it again. The food reviewers have decided to take a look at bakeries across the country to try and determine the best bread bakers in each state. The results were posted recently, and Maine's representative was Standard Baking Company, an outstanding choice.

Standard Baking Co via Facebook
Standard Baking Co via Facebook

First opened in 1995, this Old Port organic bakery is an absolute gem. Fresh breads, sweets, and goods are available daily in their flagship store, as well as markets and specialty food stores across the region.

Located in the walkout basement of sister restaurant Fore Street, Standard Baking is easy to find due to the aroma and consistent line that is always present. Locals and tourists know exactly where to go to get a great treat for breakfast or a delicious loaf of bread.

Standard Baking has a plethora of bread options, from a variety of loaves to focaccia styles. You can even find unique flavors and alternative wheat loaves that can be tough to come by.

Standard Baking Co via Facebook
Standard Baking Co via Facebook

But it's impossible to discuss Standard's bread prowess without mentioning the best item on the menu: those incredible baguettes. They're perfectly crusty on the outside, super soft on the inside, and stunningly simple and perfect.

Here is a little more from LoveFood on why Standard Baking was the site's choice.

Expect to find crusty baguettes that rival those in France, focaccia, vollkornbrot (German brown bread), and specials like Cheddar ale loaf and challah. The bakery’s many fans say it’s some of the best bread they’ve tried...

It doesn't end with just the savory. Standard also has plenty of sweet breads to go along with the other standard (no pun intended) bakery delicacies. But make sure you get in line early. The last thing you want is to miss out on any of these amazing creations.

Congrats to Standard Baking on this fine and well-deserved recognition. Here's to many more years of bread-baking mastery.

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