Clown sightings in Raymond and New Gloucester take a back seat after a woman in Auburn scares off a creepy clown with her handgun. 

It's only been 3 days since there was Maine's first reported clown sighting in Orono but it's safe to say things have escalated quickly. According to the Sun-Journal, a woman in Auburn had to use her legal firearm to scare off a creepy clown that was occupying the backseat of an SUV that stopped in front of her home.

The woman initially told the person in the backseat that she "wasn't afraid of clowns" but became unsettled after the perpetrator raised his hand in the shape of a gun and mouthed the word "bang". That's when the legal gun owner, who chose not to be identified, revealed her legal firearm to the clown in the backseat. The SUV then sped off.

The woman described the clown's costume to police as a red afro wig with an exceptionally creepy painted smile on his face, perhaps like the Joker from the Batman series. This is the first reported incident involving clowns in Maine that could be deemed "threatening".

Other sightings of people dressed as clowns continued yesterday in the towns of Raymond and New Gloucester but nothing to the extent of the Auburn incident. Once again, police and officials in Maine urge concerned citizens to be aware of anything suspicious and alert authorities rather than taking matters into their own hands.

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