Thirty Maine community theaters are receiving an early Christmas present this holiday season.

The Associated Press is reporting that the theater groups will receive over $90,000 in grants to help support the state's arts.

The $93,000 dollars of grant money comes from The Maine Community Foundation, an organization that works with donors and other partners to improve the quality of life for all Maine people, according to the AP.

The news outlet also reports that the foundation's grant money comes from its Maine Theater Fund. This fund, which was created in 2005 by an anonymous donation, will support Maine's vast local theater community.

The 30 theaters receiving aid come from all over the state.

News Center Maine highlights some of these community theaters, including Waterman's Community Center in North Haven. The money will help the company put on "Islands", a show about North Haven's community.

News Center Maine reports the grants will also help Acorn Productions of Portland help put on the 2022 Playwright s Festival, and Stage East, a Washington County arts organization, will be able to establish trained theater artists.

What an amazing gift for so many Mainers. This will benefit countless actors, playwrights, set designers, and the community as a whole. Folks from ages 1 to 100 will be able to enjoy local performances, as well as workshops, and creative writing classes. And considering the COVID impact on the live performance industry, this is a very welcome gift.

I'm never surprised to see stories like this in Maine. Sure, this state gets its reputation from its beauty, food and craft beer. However, Maine's best feature is its people's generosity. Mainers love to help Mainers, and this state is truly better for it.

To find out more about the Maine Community Foundation's impact on community theater and others, click here.

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