Rejoice, scary movie lovers! Now is the time to dig out the piles of old cheesy slasher flicks, monster movies, and anything that might spook the socks off you. Halloween time is the best time of year largely because of that... And, well, all the discounted candy.

We've been digging into horror movies recently, ourselves, and that got us thinking - if you're a parent that loves scary movies, but you have a child that's frightened easily, is there a good middle ground? Well, fortunately, there is, and you can stream it on Netflix! recently crunched the numbers on every state's favorite kids Halloween film that you can currently access on Netflix. The findings included heavy hitting films like E.T., Scooby Doo, and The Nightmare Before Christmas (which I thought was a Christmas movie...?). What was Maine's favorite, you ask? Take a look below.


...Gremlins! That's right, Maine's most watched halloween film for the family is Joe Dante's 1984 flick about adorable creatures turned nightmares upon feeding them after midnight.

We've gotta ask, though - Gremlins? Really? I don't entirely see that as being appropriate for all kids, but hey, if you're really trying to strike terror into your children's hearts, then it's certainly effective.

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