Sad news from Dawn and John Bernier, owners of Estes Lobster House in Harpswell. The couple has decided not to reopen Estes this summer.

They stated their reason on a Facebook post today:

Hello All. After much consideration, John and I have decided that we will not be opening Estes this summer. As most of you know, we purchased a restaurant/hotel in Portage Maine which is a year-round establishment. We want to give 100% to whatever we do, so trying to operate both would be far too challenging. Thank you for your support over the years! We will miss you all!


Harpswell Realty Group
Harpswell Realty Group

Estes closed for the summer season of 2020 back in September. The restaurant went up for sale in January of this year. The restaurant/hotel in Portage that the owners referenced is Dean's Motor Lodge.

Estes has been around for over 60 years. We hope the new owners (maybe you?)  will keep the charm of Estes alive for many years to come. The restaurant is listed on the Harpswell Realty Group webpage with an asking price of 1.1 million dollars.






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