There are few things more American than football. Heck, it's even in the name, "American Football." The sport itself is a microcosm of this amazing country. It's tough, gritty, spastic, and full of ego-filled lunatics. That is quite literally the definition of America. It's amazing.

While we all love the action on the field, football season (and especially the Super Bowl) is much more than that. The sport also brings family and friends together. We spend time with one another enjoying the games and good company. However, there's one thing that always makes these gatherings better: gluttony.

Football was invented to be enjoyed while stuffing our faces with delicious food and beverages (adult ones preferable). The classics like chicken wings, nachos, pizza, burgers, cheesesteaks, and basically anything else fried are true staples of a good weekend of football-watching. Plus, who doesn't want to wash that down with a tall cool one? So, considering this Sunday is the true Grandaddy of them all, it's time to go big.

It's also the reason why the magazine Martha Stewart just released a list with every state's favorite snack dip for the Super Bowl. Why dip? Because every party should have at least three different dips. I think that's in the Constitution.  Anyway, they utilized Google Trend maps to put together the info. Don't worry, Mainers. We have nothing to be ashamed of. The Pine Treen State's most popular is very solid. Its buffalo chicken dip.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Buffalo chicken dip is delicious. In fact, it might be perfect. It's creamy and spicy. It's loaded with flavors and textures. It's quite versatile with chips, vegetables, pretzels, and crackers used as a vessel for the dip. It's also extremely easy to make. What's not to like?

I'm not surprised by this selection at all. In fact, I once threw a football party, and five different people brought their own version of this dip. It was hilarious, yet delicious.

Getty Images
Getty Images

It's also not shocking to see that buffalo chicken dip was the most popular, overall. A total of 16 states had it number one, including New Hampshire. I think it's safe to say Maine is hanging with the cool dip crowd.

The list is quite interesting, and even gets very regional, especially when it comes to Alaska (Smoked Salmon Dip) and Hawaii (Komaboku Dip). You can read more about it here.

Enjoy the game and that buffalo chicken dip.

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