If there was ever a year that you needed a pumpkin keg, 2020 is it!


Usually you think of Halloween for the little ones. Nope. This year it's on a Saturday and an excellent excuse to have some adult beverages. But how about being festive with those drinks. It's easy with turning a big ol' pumpkin into a keg! Perfect for your very sparse, socially distanced party.

Is it hard to do? Not really. Can you take the guts out of a pumpkin? Because that's the hardest part. Other than that you, you need one of those spigot thingies and you are there! If you need some help, here's a nice lady that will tell you step by step how to do it. By the way, you can put anything in your keg, she's partial to Sam Adams.


Actually if you've ever had to lug a keg anywhere, a pumpkin keg is a whole lot easier to deal with!



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