Dude takes a few minutes off from getting swole to order some hot slices and that ends up getting him arrested. 

Sometimes it's the little things that get you caught. A late night pizza craving isn't something new to a lot of us out there, but for one guy in Waterville, it ended up with him being behind bars.

According to the Portland Press Herald, the 44-year old man who was arrested at Champions Fitness Club did more than just eat pizza on the night he was taken into custody. He thieved drinks and coffee from the gym, vandalized the stereo system of the gym and used the facilities, including a shower before authorities arrived on the premises.

But perhaps the more bizarre, and certainly confusing part of the story involves the pizza delivery. The 44-year old ordered seven pizzas from a local Domino's, having two delivered to a local Hannaford and 4 pizzas delivered to Waterville police dispatchers. Police still haven't figured out why.

The man was able to squat in the gym after hours by purchasing a short term membership and then cleverly hiding while employees closed up for the night. That allowed him to use the gym as he see fit after hours. The 44-year old was charged with multiple crimes including criminal mischief and burglary.


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