When most people think about parrots, they picture them perched on a pirate's shoulder or flying around in the jungle.

Probably the last place you'd expect to see a bunch of parrots is in a small Central Maine town.

But that's exactly where the Siesta Parrot Sanctuary is located.  And what's even cooler is that you can visit and hang out with the parrots.

The sanctuary, located in the town of Harmony, is a retirement home for parrots.  Yes, that's right. It is an assisted living facility for elderly birds.

One of the things that make parrots a unique pet is their life expectancy.  Unlike a dog or cat, parrots can live up to 80 years.  As a result, when the owner of a bird becomes unable to care for the bird, they need a home.

The sanctuary was opened in 2006 by Margaret and Fritz Buschmann.  The Buschmann's intention was to create a place where these beautiful birds could live out the remainder of their days in comfort.

Their website says:

Our parrots have come to us from rescue organizations, owners moving to nursing homes or apartments, spouses objecting to the bird, birds with problem behaviors that disrupt the home and birds that other folks have rescued but couldn’t keep.  All birds we take in will have permanent sanctuary. Here the parrots live in a flock, can fly and learn to behave like birds. Many birds that come to us have lived alone. Nearly all have found a mate or best friend. We delight in all this social activity and the odd couples that develop.

Unfortunately, they are no longer able to do open houses, but they do allow small groups to visit.  You do need to make an appointment, and all visits need to be after 1 p.m.  You can arrange a visit by calling 207.683.6322.

As they are a registered non-profit, they are always looking for donations.  For more info on how you can help, click HERE.

Give them a call 207.683.6322 and find them at 104 Brown Road in Harmony.

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