Who doesn't love a good hot dog? Apparently, nobody, because America's hot dog consumption stats are out of this world.

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According to hot-dog.org, Americans usually consume over seven billion hot dogs between Memorial Day and Labor Day. That means 818 hot dogs are being eaten every minute. That's a lot of franks, folks.

It's the perfect summertime treat. It's great at a baseball game or picnic, while camping, at the golf course, or any type of gathering where meat needs to be consumed.

The hot dog is also very versatile. They can be grilled, fried, steamed, deep-fried, even microwaved, though that should be your last resort. No matter how it's cooked, it's going to taste good.

Hot dogs also bring out incredible debate topics and questions.
-What should be put on a hot dog?
-Is a hot dog a sandwich?
-Is beef or pork better?
-What region has the best?
-How are these things actually made?

While the hot dog has European origins, it has clearly been perfected in the United States (just like most things). And there's a new list that completely backs up that statement.

The legendary magazine Reader's Digest recently posted a list all about this country's love for tubed meat. It's a list of joints that the site believes are the best places to grab a dog in every state. From trendy spots to classic joints that have been dishing out the dogs for years, this is one impressive list of cured creations.

Maine's representative is an absolute classic, because Reader's Digest selected a Midcoast Maine joint that's been satisfying customers for decades, Wasses Hot Dogs.

Located in Belfast, Thomaston, and the home base in Rockland, Wasses has been serving up delicious dogs for over 50 years. Scores of folks rush to Wasses every day to enjoy delicious hot dogs, chili dogs, cheese dogs (basically all kinds of delicious dogs), french fries, and desserts.

Like many other iconic Maine dining spots, Wasses is a can't-miss stop for any tourist visiting the Midcoast. It's practically a must for any Mainer, too. And Wasses knows how to keep the demand up, considering they are only open for four hours every day.

Here is a little from Reader's Digest on why Wasses was selected as Maine's number one place for a dog.

Step off the beaten path up north in Rockland for a stop at Wasses...The secret to their flavor? The franks are grilled in peanut oil alongside fragrant onions on a griddle. Ask for the Wasses Special: a hot dog covered in mustard, relish, and fried onions.

I am a big proponent of anything cooked in peanut oil, so this place is a major go for me. Plus, that special sounds incredible.

Congratulations to Wasses on this national attention. It's always great to see small Maine businesses get the recognition it deserves. Here's to many more millions of hot dogs being enjoyed on the Midcoast.

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