During the height of the summer season, it can be a struggle to find a sliver of space at Old Orchard Beach to throw down a towel and soak up some sun. But after Labor Day, the beach traffic tends to winds down, and the entire town begins to settle into a typical offseason. But before those offseason blues kick in this year, the beach will be filled again, but this time, it will be with planes.

According to the Journal-Tribune, Old Orchard Beach will host a fundraising event on September 30th called Wings 4 Wishes, where as many as 30 planes will land and take off from Maine's iconic tourist destination. The idea was dreamt up by a 15-year-old sophomore at Old Orchard Beach high school named Chase Walker, who wanted to tie OOB's history to an event that could raise money for the Make-A-Wish foundation.

So where does the history come in? Well, this year marked the 90th anniversary of Charles Lindbergh famously making an unexpected landing on Old Orchard Beach due to overwhelming fog at the airstrip he was supposed to land on. That emergency landing happened on July 24th of 1927, and lives in infamy at the Old Orchard Beach Historical Society. The planes landing on the beach will commemorate one of the world's most famous pilots making a pit stop on one of the northeast's most iconic beaches.

The planes and pilots taking part in event will initially take off from Biddeford Municipal Airport early in the morning of September 30th and will all eventually land at Old Orchard Beach by mid-to-late morning. The planes will remain parked on the beach for a portion of the afternoon, with some accessible by event goers. The event will conclude as all of the planes will once again take off from the beach during the mid-afternoon.

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