You may remember sitting in driving school many years ago and learning highway etiquette from antiquated video or a monotone instructor. That etiquette goes something like this; stay to the right unless you're planning on pass.

For decades in Maine, this simple piece of etiquette applied to every portion of highway that existed within state lines.

But as time passed, and a part of the Maine Turnpike expanded, a law was put into place that most drivers probably don't realize exists.

Maine Turnpike Authority
Maine Turnpike Authority

According to the Maine Turnpike Authority, when traveling along the section of the Maine Turnpike that has three lanes, tractor trailers are forbidden from using the far left lane or else they could face a fine.

Thus, the center lane of the three lanes is the "passing" lane for those large trucks.

Etiquette would suggest that regular travelers of the Maine Turnpike would move to the right lane to allow tractor trailers the ability to pass. Of course, that doesn't always happen.

semi tractor trailer driving on the highway in the evening

Most drivers use the center lane as their coasting lane. A chance to stay away from the slowest moving vehicles and the on/off ramps that exist on the right, while still allowing the faster moving vehicles access to pass them on the left.

Coasting in the center lane isn't against the law, but if you see a tractor trailer creeping up behind you while in that center lane, etiquette would suggest you move over to the right lane and let them pass.

Otherwise, they may be getting frustrated while stuck behind you and unable to use the left lane to pass.

Drive smartly and safely.

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